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Property Management

Benefits of Professional Property Management:

•    Property Evaluation
•    Vacancies
•    Tenant Selection
•    Security Deposits
•    Rents Collected
•    Mortgage Payments
•    Accounting Services
•    Management Fees
•    Property Inspections
•    Maintenance Services
•    Eviction Services

Affordable “Performance Based” Fee Structure
We offer different fee structures from which you can choose based on your budget and desires.  Our fees are based on performance. The more income we generate for you the better we are compensated. If you are not getting paid then we are not getting paid either.

I have several properties that need management
Investors with several properties in their portfolio will be able to take advantage of our flat management fee for each property.  No matter what the rental value on each property, you will have one low management fee across the board.  All you need are two or more properties to take advantage of this plan.

Direct Deposit/Automatic Debiting
At your option we can send your net rental income by check or “direct deposit” it into your bank account. There is no additional charge for either option. Tenant’s can also make payments electronically and automatically.

Professional Property Managers
We want to make the “management” experience painless. Your property manager is your personal service representative to coordinate all of the information about your property. These experienced professionals can make better recommendations to you so that more problems can be avoided. While the manager’s job often requires them to be out of the office, each manager has their own personal assistant that is in the office each day during office hours. If you have a question related to your property, whether related to bookkeeping, maintenance, leasing, or anything else, just contact your property manager, or their assistant, and they will take care of it.

Detailed background checks on Applicants

“How do you check the tenant’s background/references”?

Available 24 Hours to handle emergencies

Choice Homes Atlanta’s  managers and maintenance technicians are on an “on-call” rotation to respond to emergencies 24 hours a day.

Full Service Office open Monday – Saturday
You, or your tenants, can meet with us face to face six days a week. Many of
our competitors operate from their homes and are not available for meetings
except at the property or some other neutral location.

Detailed Monthly Reporting & Annual Summaries
We provide a detailed accounting of all income and expenses monthly. We also provide a year end summary for your 1099 Form to help with your tax return.
We can print and mail your statements or we can email it to you.

Effective Marketing and Leasing Program
Our marketing manager specializes in marketing all properties currently available for rent to better coordinate all advertising, promotion, and showing efforts. This includes extensive promotion on several national web sites plus our own web site with property descriptions and digital photos. We can also use newspaper advertising, when necessary.

We have several leasing agents which makes it possible to show your property at almost any time. Our voicemail system and web page enable prospective tenants to find out all about your property, including directions to drive by, 24 hours a day. They can choose to have an agent call to set up a showing appointment and the agent on call is paged by the system.

We maintain relationships with several contractors and on staff personnel that provide us with priority handling and often charge us at discounted rates due to the amount of business we represent. This enables us to get repair work done more quickly from vendors that will stand behind their work.

Request Information
We want to answer all of your questions promptly and completely. We have a package of information which can be sent to you in a matter of moments. It includes several items including our management agreement and a copy of the lease form we use. Just complete and send us the form below and the package will be emailed to you very soon. Also, feel free to call our office and speak with a representative.

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